A Virtual Table Read With the Community Cast Turned Pedro Pascal Into a Giggling Mess

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Like many beloved sitcom casts that have reunited to aid the COVID-19 pandemic response, the cast of Community logged on to bring some joy to their fans. On Monday, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Joel McHale, Ken Jeong, Gillian Jacobs, and the rest of the cast came together for a table read of season five's fourth episode "Cooperative Polygraphy." The virtual reunion was held to raise funds for World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods and included special guest Pedro Pascal.

Of course, the Community gang gave fans their best, re-creating the scenes of the season-five episode along with creator Dan Harmon as the narrator. But what was probably one of the biggest highlights of the reunion had to be Pascal's break halfway through the read. The Mandalorian actor — who was not part of the original episode's cast — was standing in to play estate executor Mr. Stone, who was played in the series by Walter Goggins. Obviously, Pascal didn't realize how much Mr. Stone has to talk about liquid nitrogen-cooled cylinders of hyper-virile sperm in his scene because when it came time to deliver that particular line, the actor could not get through it. He breaks character for a hot minute, completely unable to finish the phrase "hyper-virile sperm." (Which is understandable, honestly.)

"How the hell do you guys do this?" Pascal asked the cast, laughing as he stumbled over the word "sperm" for the umpteenth time. No one could even be annoyed with him, his giggling is so damn infectious! Watch the entire table read — and Pascal's uncontrollable gigglefest about 25 minutes into it — above!