Courteney Cox Does Dance "Routine" From Friends With Unexpected Ross Impersonator Ed Sheeran

Five, six, seven, eight! After the Friends reunion on HBO Max, Courteney Cox is once again stepping into Monica Geller's shoes to re-create an iconic TV moment. On May 30, the actress shared a video of herself and singer Ed Sheeran doing the famed "routine" choreography that Monica and Ross perform with the hopes of getting spotted by their parents during a New Year's Eve TV special.

"Just some routine dancing with a friend," Cox captioned the Instagram clip, showing herself and Sheeran nailing every single move — except for that dramatic ending. Of course, we have to give it up for Cox remembering each step, but we also can't ignore Sheeran's dedication to the choreo. Call him up if there's ever a Friends reboot; he's already putting in the work as Ross!

Since the original cast are adamant that another reunion will never happen, fans will have to cherish short-and-sweet returns to the show like the clip Cox shared. Compare the dances, both from 1999 and 2021, in the videos ahead.

See Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran Do Monica and Ross's "Routine"

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See Monica and Ross Do the Original Dance "Routine" on Friends