1 of Rogue One's Most Badass Sequences Wasn't Even Supposed to Be in the Film

Rogue One has been universally hailed as one of the best movies in the Star Wars franchise. This had a lot to do with the unique, diverse story and the sassy new droid, but the bigger reason is that Rogue One pays homage to A New Hope in beautiful and wonderful ways. Even the last few minutes of prequel film tie seamlessly into to original. Perhaps one of the craziest new factoids to come out about the film, though, is that the final sequence initially looked way different.

Remember what happens at the end? An angry, vengeful Darth Vader intercepts a rebel spaceship and picks off soldiers one by one with his lightsaber and some pretty impressive Force work. Then, of course, we catch a glimpse of Princess Leia. Here's the thing: according to a new interview with Yahoo!, that Darth Vader sequence almost didn't happen. Or, more accurately, it wasn't added until postproduction. "That was something conceptualized a little later," editor John Gilroy revealed. "It was a fantastic add . . . a really great punch in the arm and something I think fans wanted to see." In fact, that scene was added so late in the game that a different actor stepped into the Vader suit. While Spencer Wilding played the villain for most of the movie, it was Daniel Naprous who was recruited for this final part. Can you image if the scene hadn't made it in?!