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Best Diwali Movies on Netflix

Celebrate Diwali All Year Long With These 10 Bollywood Gems on Netflix

Best Diwali Movies on Netflix
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This year, Diwali was an idyllic excuse to bring the holiday celebrations on as early as physically possible. Also known as the Indian festival of lights, it's meant as a celebration of all the good we have in our lives. Traditionally, we get together with our extended families for massive celebrations involving fireworks, sparklers card games, homemade fried snacks, and mouthwatering desserts.

For many of us immigrant families spending our holidays abroad and away from our loved ones, Bollywood movies aren't just a fantastic source of entertainment (which they absolutely are). They're a medium by which we feel connected to our culture, mother tongue, traditional garb, and — most importantly — the Bollywood dancing. This year's festival of lights included a lot of candlelit prayers and family time, but for me, the lights I liked most came from my TV screen.

Nearly every classic Bollywood movie worth watching features an iconic Diwali scene — or, at least a dance sequence. Whether you've watched each of these hit movies 18 times already (as I have) or have finally decided to give the genre a try, these family-friendly movies are guaranteed to light your Diwali night with fireworks.

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