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Best Bollywood Music Videos

10 Bollywood Songs You're Desperately Missing From Your Dance Playlist

Best Bollywood Music Videos
Image Source: YouTube user Sony Music India

I'll be the first to admit I don't watch nearly as many Bollywood movies as I used to while I lived at home with my parents. Luckily for me, spending the past few months at home has reignited my ongoing love affair with Bollywood movies and music.

We're all (hopefully) in the midst of a period of self-reflection, and in doing so, it's been thrilling for me to see that while Bollywood has a long way to go (as do we all), it has made some big strides in the past 10 years, from songs focused on women's empowerment (from the late Irrfan Khan's last film) to a romantic comedy shining a light on the very underrepresented LGBTQ+ community in India. So, whether you are already familiar with the culturally rich world of Bollywood or have yet to take a dip, I've got 10 songs for you to kick-start your forever fandom into a world where musicals will never go out of fashion. And thank goodness for that!

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