If You're Not Following Lizzo's Flute on Instagram, What Are You Even Doing With Your Life?

Some people make second Instagram accounts for their pet dog or their future baby, but Lizzo? She has one solely dedicated to her shiny silver flute named Sasha, and, yep, the entire page is just as hysterically entertaining as you'd expect. Back in January, Lizzo nabbed the Instagram handle @sashabefluting as a nod to her own handle, @lizzobeeating, and since then, the beloved woodwind instrument has garnered nearly 200,000 followers (although, I personally think that number should exceed one million by now, TBH).

Lizzo — er, Sasha — regularly shares photos and narrated videos from her own sassy point of view, each with an LOL-worthy caption capable of clearing your acne, paying your bills, and curing you of all your ailments. Truly only Lizzo could make following an inanimate object on social media this fun. Ahead, check out some of Sasha's funniest Instagram posts to date, and if you haven't already slammed that blue "follow" button on her 'gram yet, then you may as well just delete the app because it's no longer worth having without her glorious posts in your newsfeed. Sasha Flute 2020, y'all.

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