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The Legend of Lizzo Playing Flute Video

Lizzo's Recreation of the Jazz Flute Scene in Anchorman Is Truly a Gift to Us All

As is often the case with anything Lizzo-related, I find myself wondering what we as a nation must have done to deserve her, because her latest video is yet another gift. Last November, the "Juice" singer challenged Will Ferrell to a jazz flute-off, which he readily accepted while dressed as his flute-playing Anchorman character Ron Burgundy. Naturally, the rapper, singer, and talented flautist wasted no time in preparing an epic response with her trusty flute (which she's nicknamed Sasha Flute, FYI).

So, what did she offer to beat out Ron Burgundy? A shot-for-shot recreation of Anchorman's iconic jazz flute scene, down to her smushing a ton of food on people's tables as she walks by, and peeping out from under a bathroom stall to surprise someone doing their business as she plays. Of course, there are also Lizzo's own original twists — yelling "bitch," replacing Christina Applegate with Este Haim — but overall it's just as good as the original.

Game, set, match . . . bitch.

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