Drop Everything — Hook and Emma Might Be Expecting a Baby on Once Upon a Time

We can already tell that Jennifer Morrison's return to Once Upon a Time will be incredibly emotional. After announcing her departure from the fairy-tale series last season, the actress will reprise her role as Emma Swan in the upcoming season seven episode "A Pirate's Life." Not only do the recent photos include an adorable family reunion with adult Henry, but they also signal that Emma might be pregnant! Cue major squealing. While Hook and Emma stare longingly into each other's eyes, they are seen touching her stomach. As if that wasn't enough to drive you crazy, there also appears to be two Hooks. Is this the Enchanted Forest or did we die and go to heaven? No, seriously, what is happening, OUAT?

While we originally thought that Emma would sacrifice herself for her loved ones, what if she actually heads back to Storybrooke with Hook by her side to raise their unborn baby? I know what you're thinking: how is this possible if Hook is currently in Hyperion Heights? Well, if you watch OUAT, you should already know that literally anything is possible on this show. As some fans pointed out, these new versions of Hook, Regina, and Rumple might actually be "mirror-images" of the characters we've all grown to love. Not only would this make for an interesting twist, but it would certainly be the perfect way to keep all those "happy endings" from season six intact.