"Glow Up" Contestants: Where Are They Now?

As we begin watching the new and exciting episodes in season five of "Glow Up" on Netflix, we must not forget about the contestants from seasons one, two, three, and four who sent us into binge-watching mode in the first place and served tons of makeup inspiration along the way. Each individual brought their artistry to the next level during the show, but now that it's been a few years since we've seen them, we have some questions. Past "Glow Up" contestants: where are they now? What are they doing? Have any of them made it big?

Many of us were completely captivated by the makeup masterpieces that we witnessed on season one of the show, and we've been blessed with four more rounds of contestants since. Each MUA — as Val Garland, judge and L'Oréal Paris global makeup director, calls them — was so talented that we can't help but wonder what they're up to now.

Each season, we watch 10 artists face off and get eliminated one by one until one is dubbed the winner. The makeup artists on the show come from all different experience levels and backgrounds — some are retail assistants by day and makeup artists by night, others are students, and a few work professionally as MUAs for smaller brands and companies. What they all have in common is their deep passion for beauty and dream to make it big — but does it end up working out for them?

We researched all the contestants from past "Glow Up" seasons to see where they are now. Keep reading to find out for yourself.

"Glow Up" Season 1: Ellis Atlantis

Former retail assistant Ellis Atlantis was crowned the winner of "Glow Up" season one after impressing the judges over and over again. The makeup artist and drag queen from Bradford, West Yorkshire, has since amassed 574K followers on Instagram and regularly makes YouTube tutorials, but their success doesn't stop there. Since leaving the show, Atlantis has been featured in major magazines and in July 2021, announced on Instagram that they will host their own makeup talks and demos at TikTok's "For You House" in the UK.

"Glow Up" Season 1: Nikki Patel

Nikki Patel was season one's runner-up. The London native is still very active in the beauty industry and has become known to her 750K followers on Instagram for her oddly satisfying daily makeup-removing content where she uses different skin-care products to take off her full glam.

"Glow Up" Season 1: Leigh Easthope

Leigh Easthope was a freelance makeup artist and painter before appearing on "Glow Up". The Manchester-native disclosed in an interview with Tresa Magazine that he works a full-time job outside of beauty but still freelances for gigs like weddings, short films, and masterclasses.

"Glow Up" Season 1: Belinda Chatterton

Belinda Chatterton from Newcastle came in fourth place on "Glow Up." Since leaving the show she still creates makeup content regularly for her 252K followers on Instagram and has welcomed a daughter into the world.

"Glow Up" Season 1: Tiffany Hunt

Tiffany Hunt went on to become the winner of the NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards UK in 2019 and still works professionally as a makeup artist while creating her own content for her 716K Instagram followers.

"Glow Up" Season 1: Steph Harrison

One look at Steph Harrison's Instagram page (with 70K followers) and you can tell she's still very much so involved with makeup. The Birmingham-native went on to graduate college in 2019 and currently works for Millennium FX, a company creating professional prosthetic makeup products.

"Glow Up" Season 1: Brana Alunan

Since leaving "Glow Up," Brana Alunan from Blackpool has landed many paid partnerships with brands and companies for their beauty content. Alunan also transitioned post-filming and has opened up about the process with their 120K followers.

"Glow Up" Season 1: Paige Cole

Paige Cole worked in retail before appearing on "Glow Up." Although she came in 8th place, she's had a successful professional career in makeup since leaving the show. She creates regular beauty content for her 62K followers and, according to her Instagram bio, is an educator, as well as a hair, makeup and prosthetics artist in TV and film.

"Glow Up" Season 1: Mathieu Dausmann

Mathieu Dausmann amazed the judges and viewers with his special effects makeup looks on the show and is still doing it today. If you look at his Instagram with 43K followers, you'll see all of the shockingly realistic and gruesome looks he's created.

"Glow Up" Season 1: Dina Schofield

Dina Schofield, who was a supermarket customer assistant before appearing on "Glow Up," was the first person to be voted off of the show. She is a currently a makeup artist and now creates stunning looks on herself and her clients that she shares on Instagram with her 26.3K followers.

"Glow Up" Season 2: Eve Jenkins

Eve Jenkins, a makeup artist from Liverpool, had a day job at a salon before coming on "Glow Up" season two. Throughout the season, she pushed past her comfort zone of traditional makeup looks and learned to work with new material, all while impressing the judges with her positivity and ability to evolve. On the show, she came in third place. She's gone on to work on a variety of editorial and brand projects and is currently a freelance hair and makeup artist.

"Glow Up" Season 2: James Mac Inerney

James Mac Inerney worked in retail before coming onto season two of the show. Throughout the series, he used his drag experience and painting skills to create revolutionary makeup looks. He ended up finishing in second place and, to this day, still creates amazing makeup looks for his 274k followers.

"Glow Up" Season 2: Berny Ferr

When he first came on season two, Berny Ferr was an aspiring makeup artist and creative director, and he succeeded. The artist, who finished in fifth place, has gone on to do a variety of editorial makeup jobs.

"Glow Up" Season 2: Ophelia Liu

Ophelia Liu was a self-taught makeup artist on season two of "Glow Up." She originally grew up in Hong Kong before moving to London to follow her dreams of becoming a professional makeup artist. Throughout the season, she hoped to prove to her parents that she could make it in the beauty world, and she ended up winning the entire season. She now works as an international makeup artist and designs clothing for her own brand.

"Glow Up" Season 2: Hannah Cunningham

Hannah Cunningham went on "Glow Up" in hopes of leaving her job at a computer desk behind. Throughout the season, she impressed judges with her ability to use everyday objects and materials to transform her looks. She placed fourth on the show, has since amassed 159K followers on Instagram, and continues to make amazing art. Now, she works as an artist, a DJ, and a model.

"Glow Up" Season 2: Shanice Croasdaile

Shanice Croasdaile, who comes from Essex, quit her office job to pursue a career in makeup after her daughter was born. After getting voted off second in season two of "Glow Up," she went on to become a pro makeup artist and content creator.

"Glow Up" Season 2: Brandon Gaunt

Brandon Gaunt, a London-based makeup artist and hairstylist, placed sixth on season two. On the show, he was known for his bold and colorful makeup looks and even earned himself a few "ding dongs" from Garland. He still creates eye-catching looks for his 38K followers on Instagram and is the hair and makeup supervisor for the immersive restaurant Lío London.

"Glow Up" Season 2: Keziah Joy Saunders

Keziah Joy Saunders was a full-time student and makeup artist from Bournemouth when she appeared on season two. She chose to leave the show in the third episode but has since gone on to work as a makeup artist and create looks that inspire her 266K followers on Instagram.

"Glow Up" Season 2: Ashley Mac

Ashley Mac, a Scottish makeup artist, went on "Glow Up" with dreams of one day working as a makeup artist for TV and film. Though she was eliminated in the first episode, to this day, she continues to work as a makeup artist and landed a job as the head of makeup and prosthetics for the "Shrek" UK tour.

"Glow Up" Season 3: Sophie Baverstock

Sophie Baverstock, a makeup artist from Bournemouth and London, was the winner of "Glow Up" season three. On the show, she talked about being diagnosed with autism at 17 and how she hopes to break the stigma surrounding women with the disorder. After graduating from Arts University Bournemouth, she went on to work as a freelance professional makeup artist and hairstylist.

"Glow Up" Season 3: Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton, a makeup artist from Northern Ireland and London, was the runner-up of season three. On the show, he showed off his experience working in special effects, bridal, and editorial makeup. Since leaving the show, he's continued to work as a freelance makeup artist.

"Glow Up" Season 3: Dolli Okoriko

Dolli Okoriko, a London-based makeup artist, placed third on season three. On the show, she talked about becoming a mom at the age of 20 and how that impacted her work ethic and determination to succeed. Prior to appearing on the show, she'd been working full-time at a beauty counter for a few years, but now, she works full-time as a makeup artist and has landed some celebrity, editorial, and brand gigs.

"Glow Up" Season 3: Jack Oliver

When Jack Oliver came on season three, they were splitting their professional time between care work and makeup artistry. They're also known around the Birmingham drag scene as Anna Lies. Since placing fourth, they've continued to do work in editorial makeup artistry.

"Glow Up" Season 3: Ryley Isaac

Ryley Isaac, a London-based makeup artist, beauty influencer, and vlogger, placed fifth on season three. On the show, she talked about how makeup helped her embrace the birthmark on her face and have more self-confidence, and that's still a big part of her makeup work to this day. Currently, she has 776K followers on Instagram.

"Glow Up" Season 3: Samah Say

Samah Say, a London-based makeup artist, ended up coming in sixth on season three. Before appearing on TV, she worked in the retail side of the industry, but now, she's a celebrity makeup artist.

"Glow Up" Season 3: Alex Ogden Clark

Alex Ogden Clark, a makeup artist from Liverpool, placed seventh on the show. She now works as a hairstylist and fashion stylist.

"Glow Up" Season 3: Xavi Guillaume

Xavi Guillaume was a freelance journalist by day and makeup artist by night from London. On the show, he talked about having Asperger's syndrome and how he uses makeup to express himself. Since coming in eighth on season three, he's gone on to be a video content creator who still does makeup.

"Glow Up" Season 3: Elliott Banks

Elliott Banks, a makeup artist from London, came in ninth on the show. Since appearing on TV, they've gone on to work as a makeup artist for Byredo.

"Glow Up" Season 3: Nicole Marilyn

Nicole Marilyn, a makeup artist from London, was the first to be eliminated on season three. Now, she works as a freelance makeup artist and owns an eco-friendly glitter brand called Disco Dust London.

"Glow Up" Season 4: Yong-Chin Marika Breslin

Yong-chin Marika Breslin was the winner of "Glow Up" season four. The makeup artist still works on editorial projects and has 123K followers on Instagram.

"Glow Up" Season 4: Lisa Street

"Glow Up" season four runner-up Lisa Street is also still a makeup artist. She specializes eye-catching designs and extreme prosthetics.

"Glow Up" Season 4: Kris Cannon

Kris Cannon came in third place on "Glow Up" and is currently a freelance makeup artist with 45K followers.

"Glow Up" Season 4: Nancé Synthia Kabasélé

Nancé Synthia Kabasélé got fourth place on the show. Now, she is a professional hair and makeup artist with 15K followers on Instagram.

"Glow Up" Season 4: Rachel Makoni

Rachel Makoni placed fifth on "Glow Up." Since then, she has furthered her career as a professional makeup artist and cosmetic scientist.

"Glow Up" Season 4: Ryan Beaumont

Sixth-place finish Ryan Beaumont has 17K followers and specializes in dramatic prosthetic makeup transformations.

"Glow Up" Season 4: Sophie Gouk

Sophie Gouk got seventh place on "Glow Up." They now work as a freelance prosthetic makeup artist and have 20K Instagram followers.

"Glow Up" Season 4: Mikaél

Self-taught makeup artist Mikaél placed eighth on the show. Previously a loss-prevention officer, he now has 5.5K Instagram followers.

"Glow Up" Season 4: Adam

Known for his gorgeous complexion work, Adam got ninth place on "Glow Up." Since the show, he has landed makeup artist gigs for celebrity clients and has 66K Instagram followers.

"Glow Up" Season 4: Charlie Carter

Charlie Carter faced elimination during the first round of challenges on "Glow Up" season four. They chose to leave the show and now work as a content creator on social media.

"Glow Up" Season 5: Saphron Morgan

Saphron Morgan was crowned the winner of season five of "Glow Up." Since her victory, she's gone on to study hair and makeup for theater and media in college and has amassed over 70K followers on Instagram.

"Glow Up" Season 5: Axel B

Alex B, a Scottish makeup artist and drag queen, was the runner-up for season five. Since the show finished filming, they've continued working in special effects makeup.

"Glow Up" Season 5: Roo

Roo, a London-born and -raised makeup artist, finished in third place for "Glow Up" season five. They've gone on to land numerous big clients across film and fashion.

"Glow Up" Season 5: Keiran Cox

Keiran Cox came in fourth place in the fifth season, impressing many people with his skills. They've gone on to continue working in makeup and booking clients.

"Glow Up" Season 5: On-May Yeung

In fifth place was On-May Yeung, a makeup artist from Glasgow and student at West College, Scotland. She's continued in the industry as a retail makeup artist.

"Glow Up" Season 5: Wezley Webber

Wezley Webber is a makeup artist, drag queen, and special effects student who came in sixth place on the show. Since leaving the show, he's continued to work as a freelance makeup artist.

"Glow Up" Season 5: Taisha Sherwood

Taisha Sherwood worked as a retail makeup artist for years before appearing on "Glow Up" season five and ultimately coming in seventh place. Post-filming, she's continuing her career as a freelance artist.

"Glow Up" Season 5: Sarah Agbiji

Sarah Agbiji, a makeup artist from Manchester, came in eighth place on season five of "Glow Up." She's gone on to work at her own makeup service company, Modern Wand.

"Glow Up" Season 5: Howard Kong Cherng Xiao

Howard Kong Cherng Xiao came in ninth place on season five of "Glow Up." Since leaving the show, he's gone on to work as an independent makeup artist, getting to create makeup for some big Hollywood stars.

"Glow Up" Season 5: Morgan Keightley

Morgan Keightley may have been the first contestant to leave season five, but she still made a lasting impact. She's currently the owner of her own salon, Not Just A Pretty Face.