Here's How the Twisty Ending in Fear Street: 1978 Will Lead Us to the Trilogy's Final Film

Fear Street Part 2: 1978 officially picks up where Fear Street Part 1: 1994 ends — or, rather, it brings us back 16 years prior. The second installation of the Fear Street trilogy starts with Deena and Josh lugging a possessed Sam to C. Berman's house to demand answers about the 300-year-old curse that's wreaking havoc over the town of Shadyside. While initially reluctant to help the kids, C. Berman eventually tells the story of how she survived the bloody massacre at Camp Nightwing in 1978. So how does Fear Street Part 2: 1978 end and pave the way for Fear Street Part 3: 1666? Let's break down the key events in the second movie.

What Happened at Camp Nightwing?

Most of the film takes place in 1978 when Ziggy Berman and her sister Cindy attend Camp Nightwing. (At the beginning, it might seem safe to assume that the "C" in C. Berman stands for Cindy, but we'll talk more about that later.) We learn early on who the camp killer is — it's Tommy Slater, Cindy's boyfriend. While lurking around the campgrounds at night, Cindy, Tommy, Alice, and Alice's boyfriend, Arnie, end up trapped at the home of Sarah Fier, the witch at the center of the Shadyside curse. Possessed by Sarah, Tommy goes on an ax-wielding murder spree, claiming Arnie as his first victim. He then heads up to the main camp, where Ziggy and the other campers are.

Cindy eventually escapes the witch's house through Mess Hall, where she finds Ziggy hiding from Tommy. Cindy kills Tommy in the nick of time — or so she thinks. Soon after, Alice also makes her way back up to the camp with the witch's hand, which, when reunited with its body, is supposed to end the Shadyside curse. Ziggy, however, accidentally bleeds on the hand. This effectively causes Tommy and the other Shadyside Killers possessed by the witch to rise back to life and hunt her down.

Does Ziggy Die at Camp Nightwing?

Tommy kills Alice before she can get revenge for Arnie. After her death, the Bermans try to dig up Sarah Fier's body at the Hanging Tree, but they instead find a stone that reads, "The witch forever lives." Not long after, the resurrected Shadyside Killers seemingly murder the sisters. Ziggy, however, miraculously makes it out alive after a young Nick Goode — who, in 1994, is the sheriff of Shadyside — performs CPR on her.

It's at this point that we learn that the sole survivor of the massacre isn't Cindy. Nick tells a paramedic that Ziggy's real name is Christine, or C. Berman. (Told you we'd get back to that.) After the events of that night, Ziggy keeps a low profile, as she lives in constant fear of the witch.

How Does Fear Street: 1978 Connect to Fear Street: 1666?

After hearing Ziggy's story, Deena realizes that she and her friends found the witch's body out in the woods between Sunnyvale and Shadyside. Deena and Josh head to the mall (formerly the camp) to dig up the hand beneath the Hanging Tree. Deena's nose begins to bleed as she puts the hand next to the bones out in the woods. Immediately, she experiences a vision where she's inside of Sarah Fier's body in 1666. It doesn't seem like the curse is broken yet, so we'll have to tune in to Fear Street Part 3: 1666 to see how everything unfolds in this slasher trilogy!