The Night King Responded to Trump's Tweet Falsely Claiming Victory, and It's Just Perfect

Though it's been over a year since Game of Thrones came to an end, fans have been presented with a unique chance to root for the Night King. Vladimír Furdík, the actor and stunt performer who portrayed the icy villain for three seasons, recently delivered a masterful reply to Donald Trump's tweet claiming he won the 2020 election when, in fact, the opposite is true.

It's been tediously stated over and over again by political commentators, but once more: Trump initially appeared in the lead due to the large amounts of outstanding mail-in ballots that needed to be counted in the days that followed Nov. 3. Those ballots, which had significantly increased this election cycle because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, ultimately favored Democratic challenger Joe Biden, who flipped several battleground states like Pennsylvania that were instrumental in helping him surpass the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

For some reason, that order of events has confounded the incumbent president, who has been falsely alleging widespread voter fraud and conspiracies about corruption among the electoral voting system ever since, even going so far as to state he won on Twitter. In response to the frighteningly untrue claim, Furdík joked, "I WON THE BATTLE OF WINTERFELL, BY A LOT!"


— Vladimír Furdík (@VladimirFurdik) November 7, 2020

If you'll recall, the Night King and leader of the White Walkers was defeated by Arya Stark with a swift stab to the heart during the high-stakes Battle of Winterfell. So, not only did the Night King not win the battle, he quite literally lost everything — and therein lies the beauty of the troll, which was made far too easy by the one-term president.