The Preview For Next Week's Game of Thrones Episode Shows Even MORE Trouble in Westeros

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Well, Game of Thrones fans, let's take a deep breath. After eight years of the highly anticipated confrontation between the living and the Army of the Dead, we made it through, and it was insane. Although it may feel like every single episode leading up to episode three of season eight was preparing us for the Battle of Winterfell, we all now see that the wars in Westeros are just beginning. The 82-minute episode is not only the longest episode of the series, but it brought us the biggest, bloodiest biggest battle sequence of the show to date. Some great people die fighting the Night King's relentless army, but next Sunday, the survivors of Winterfell will deal with the living.

The preview for the the fourth episode begins with Cersei Lannister in King's Landing, and Euron Greyjoy bowing at her feet. While the brave fighters of Winterfell killed the Night King and his entire army, Cersei and Euron were honeymooning, but trouble is coming, and it's coming with two dragons.

"We have won the Great War," Daenerys tells a battalion of soldiers. "Now, we will win the last war." But it's not only war she and the rest of Winterfell are after: it's Cersei. "We'll rip her out root and stem." Watch the clip above and see how Westeros reels from the war against the dead.