How Every Member of the Gilmore Girls Cast Reacted to Those Last 4 Words

Before Amy Sherman-Palladino could finish her beloved Gilmore Girls, the creator parted ways with the show and it closed its final and seventh season without her. Because of that, Sherman-Palladino didn't have the chance to end the mother-daughter dramedy the way she always planned, with four specific words. She originally mentioned her plans to do it that way in a 2006 interview with TV Guide, and since then, the mystery shrouding the infamous last words has only grown. Now that the reboot, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, has premiered, take a look at how the cast reacted to the finale's final words (which you can find out here).

  • Matt Czuchry: He recently told Entertainment Weekly he thought it would cause "a heated debate."
  • Alexis Bledel: "It is very much what Amy wanted. If anyone knows her storytelling they'll maybe know what to expect," she said in a joint interview with Lauren Graham for EW. "I honestly don't know what to say about it without using specifics. It does kind of, hmm, it does kind of throw you."
  • Lauren Graham: "For some reason, my first question was, 'Who says them?' Because I assumed it was one character, when it's two. It's not as resolved as I thought they would be. I thought they would be, 'Honey I'm home!' or something like, 'Goodbye, small town!' So I was like, 'Oh? Really?'"
  • Scott Patterson: While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with Liza Weil and Sean Gunn, Patterson revealed his thoughts on the last four words. "My idea to Amy was 'Drop the gun, Kirk,' but she rejected it. [The actual words] are more philosophical."
  • Liza Weil: "It's bigger than all of us," she told Fallon.
  • Kelly Bishop: Bishop was wholly unimpressed after reading the finale's script, telling The Daily Beast, "If it's true, this is a really lousy thing to say, if it's really true that those are the last four words then my reaction is, 'Eh.' That's it."