Girl Meets World Re-Created the Boy Meets World Intro — and It's the Best

For diehard Boy Meets World fans, the introduction of the spinoff series Girl Meets World was either met with interest or fear of ruining a golden classic. For those of us who ended up loving the new series, we welcomed the familiar faces and storylines along with the new cast into our homes. We lived for the little nostalgic nuggets the creators left for us old-timers, and they've done it again! The season three Girl Meets World title sequence will trigger serious nostalgia. From the steps of the apartment to the dumping of water, our heartstrings were tugged all the way to the very end. Take a look for yourself here, and then walk down memory lane with the original intro!

And if you're feeling REALLY nostalgic, take a look back at Mr. Feeny's best words of wisdom.

Girl Meets World

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Boy Meets World

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