How Will the Gone Girl Movie End? 6 Alternate Ending Theories

The beginning of July has yielded a new, mysterious, and chilling look at the Gone Girl movie, ensnaring us in Gillian Flynn's high-stakes thriller all over again. A new set of posters showcases evidence from the disappearance of Amy (Rosamund Pike), and the second trailer finally gives us an in-depth look at all the madness as everything falls apart for Nick (Ben Affleck). And all the while, we can't stop thinking about how the movie has a different ending than the book. And Oct. 3 is a long way away.

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Of course, it's hard to tell just how different it will be. During an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit back in April, Flynn assured fans that reports concerning the ending had been exaggerated. But Flynn is a master of trickery and deceit, right? Should we take her word for it? Maybe not. With murmurs of an entirely changed third act, our heads are spinning with ideas. Keep scrolling to see just how crazy the new Gone Girl ending is liable to get, and be careful, because our theories are riddled with spoilers.

1. Amy Goes Through With Her Original Suicide Plan

As you may or may not remember, Amy's original plan has nothing to do with Desi Collings (Neil Patrick Harris), or even returning home to Nick. Once she gets to her motel, she plans to fill her pockets with rocks, jump into the lake, and drown herself. She figures it's the perfect way to make sure Nick actually lands in prison. For one, it would be one surefire way to shock us all. Plus, it would explain why Amy's drowning in the trailers.

2. Nick Kills Amy

In the novel, Amy shows up at Nick's doorstep with a phony kidnapping story and a bunch of tears. And Nick immediately wraps his fingers around Amy's neck. He eventually lets go, realizing that killing Amy would unravel everything he did to prove his innocence. Plus, it would drag Nick down to Amy's level. But what if he went through with it? What if he just kills Amy and gets rid of the body? It would be incredible to see them try to tie up that loose end.

3. Amy Kills Nick

So much of Nick's narrative in the last section of the book focuses on how he can never trust Amy again. He talks about how restless his sleep is and how he feels like he's sleeping with a spider. And, of course, Amy insists she won't hurt him. Imagine, though, if Nick were to let his guard down just for a second. Isn't Amy absolutely capable of killing Nick? Especially after murdering Desi? Knowing her, she'd do it and weasel her way right out of it, too.

4. Both Nick and Amy Die in a Murder-Suicide

Of course, a big problem with Amy murdering Nick or vice versa is that one of them would have to face the consequences after the fact. That's a pretty messy plotline to settle before the credits roll. That is unless one were to kill the other and then kill themself.

5. Nick Publishes His Tell-All Book and Ruins Amy

Just before the end of the book, Nick is furiously working on his side of the story, which he turns into a manuscript titled Psycho B*tch. The only reason he deletes the whole thing is because Amy reveals she's pregnant . . . with Nick's child. But maybe Nick goes through with it anyway. Or maybe Amy never actually gets pregnant. It would be so vindicating to see Amy ripped apart by the general public — just like Nick was.

6. Desi Collings Doesn't Actually Die, and He Exacts His Revenge

Listen, this one's a long shot. Mostly because Amy plans everything to the T. But, in the off chance Desi lives through Amy's attack or something entirely different happens, it could be an excellent opportunity. Just imagine how angry Desi would be if Amy went back to Nick, given their history. We'd be so worried about Nick and Amy killing each other that we'd never see Desi coming. And he'd murder Nick or Amy or both on the spot, right?

Did we miss anything?