Halle Bailey Nails Angelic "Hrs and Hrs" Cover

Muni Long's chart-topping R&B single "Hrs and Hrs" has steadily become one of our new favorite songs of 2022, and Halle Bailey's latest Instagram cover is proof that we're not alone. "So obsessed with this song right now by @munilong ❤️✨," Bailey captioned a video of herself singing a few verses from the song on Wednesday. Seated in front of her phone, Bailey casually let out her inner songbird, delivering her signature angelic high notes and telling a sultry story with every verse.

"When you do what you do / I'm empowered / You give me a super power / Together the world could be hours," she sang, closing her eyes to sink into the melody and capture the emotion behind each lyric. In the words of Storm Reid, Bailey demonstrated major "TALENT."

After making its rounds on TikTok and bringing in over 7.6 million views on YouTube, "Hrs and Hrs" has turned Long, formerly known as Priscilla Renea, into an overnight sensation. As Renea, the singer-songwriter penned songs for artists including Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Mariah Carey. She even dipped her toes into the country music scene, releasing an album under the name Melrose, before debuting her eight-song R&B album, Public Displays of Affection, in 2021.

The good news? There's more to listen to from Long if you're as obsessed with "Hrs and Hrs" as we are. The bad news? There's no telling when her next album is on the way. But we'll gladly play Bailey's cover and the original version of "Hrs and Hrs" on repeat until we know more. Give Bailey's epic cover a listen for yourself here.