Girls: How the Show Wraps Up After 6 Crazy Seasons

For those of us who watched Girls throughout our 20s, laughing and relating on a weekly basis, a major chapter of our lives has just closed. The series ended on Sunday night, with a focus on just three of the show's recurring characters: Hannah, Marnie, and Hannah's mom, Loreen. As we saw in previous episodes, Shoshanna is getting married — and effectively backing away from her former friend group. Jessa is determined to finally get her life together, realizing that she is a complete wreck and needs help. Adam decides to help Hannah raise her baby . . . and lasts approximately one day. Elijah is destined for stardom, nabbing a part in the Broadway production of White Men Can't Jump. (We would pay to see this show, FYI.) Ray is continuing his late boss's legacy and documenting Brooklyn, along with his new love Abigail (Aidy Bryant).

But what of Hannah and Marnie?

The final episode opens with Marnie telling Hannah she wants to help raise the baby. Hannah, seeing no other options, takes her up on the offer. The show flashes forward and baby Grover is adorable but having trouble latching onto Hannah's nipples to breastfeed. Tension is bubbling between Hannah and Marnie — partially because Marnie insists on singing to Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" — and they have a blowout. Marnie calls Loreen, and Hannah stomps off in frustration. She goes on a long walk and runs into a girl in her underwear who is violently sobbing. Thinking something terrible has happened, Hannah gives her the pants literally off her own body. She soon realizes that this traumatized girl is only crying because her mother asked her to do her damn homework, and something clicks.

Hannah walks home, with a police escort (of course) because she doesn't have any pants (of course). She greets Marnie and Loreen on the porch, and when Grover starts crying, she dismisses Marnie's offer to help and heads upstairs herself. The final scene is Hannah breastfeeding Grover and singing "Fast Car" while he happily latches onto her nipple. While Hannah may not have grown up overnight, she is finally realizing what it means to selflessly care for another human being, something that seemed impossible in the beginning of the series.

Meanwhile, Marnie is having cybersex with men in other states and considering going to law school. Loreen will fly back home and hopefully find some meaning in her life post-divorce.

And all is right in the world. We'll miss you, Girls.