Wondering How to See Every Ending in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? Use These Flowcharts

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is as impressive as it is frustrating; though the "choose your own adventure" style of the film is pretty freakin' cool, the amount of FOMO that comes from not being able to see each and every path Stefan can possibly take left me a little piqued. After all, Bandersnatch can run as long as two hours or more since there's reportedly around five hours of footage total. Who has the time?!

Fortunately, fans of the dystopian sci-fi series' latest have figured out a pretty handy way for you to go down paths you might not have known about or realized you should've chosen from the start: flowcharts. A whole lot of gloriously detailed flowcharts.

So, once you get past the "Frosties or Sugar Puffs" conundrum and you start having to choose between chopping up Stefan's dad or burying him in the backyard — a pretty tame choice by Black Mirror standards — things can get confusing. That's where these fan-made flowcharts come in, which can help you unlock endings you might not have realized even exist.

Keep reading to see a few versions of the flowcharts that people have made to help fellow fans navigate Bandersnatch, but be warned: tons of spoilers ahead!

First up is the simplest, most straightforward and spoiler-free flowchart we could dig up, thanks to Reddit user madarasi012. This chart outlines all the main choices you can make and where those lead without giving away too much, in case you've still yet to watch the film in its entirety and want to retain a little mystery.

Here's where things start to get a liiiittle bit more spoilery: Reddit user kicos018 created a chart that really helps to show how the film diverges when you're prompted to choose between following Colin or visiting Dr. Haynes. While the chart does show where things will end for good depending on your choices, it doesn't detail what actually happens in said endings.

Next up is a highly detailed flowchart from Redditor alpine-. Though it won't give away everything, what's great about this guide to Bandersnatch is that it shows how seemingly superfluous questions — like which cereal Stefan should eat or the music he should play — actually have serious consequences down the line.

Finally, Redditor scrixie created the most spoiler-heavy chart that they've warned is a "Not-At-All-Definite, Work-In-Progress," but that I personally feel is a work of staggering genius. (Pro tip: check out the chart on Imgur to see it in hi-res.) It comes equipped with a helpful legend to make looking through the chart as easy as possible while also helping you understand a bit about how Bandersnatch works in general. For instance, by picking certain answers — especially for Stefan to talk about his mother or to make Colin jump — your choice will stick with you throughout the rest of the film and ultimately decide which path you're sent down and what footage you'll have access to.