Insecure: Issa Has No Job or Bae, but It's All "Good Vibes" in Trailer For Season 4

Issa is on a forward path for Insecure season four, and we can't wait to get into it! The trailer for the upcoming season dropped on March 12, and there's so much to unpack. Though she may not have a job or a boo, things are happening with Issa. It seems like she's putting in work for the block party she mentioned last season, though it's obviously not 100 percent stress-free. As a business of one, there's a lot for Issa to deal with, and it doesn't help that Lawrence is back and dating one of her friends! Add in the usual shenanigans of Molly, Kelly, and Tiffany, and season four is bound to be a glorious mess that we can't help but love. Watch the trailer above, and tune in when Insecure returns on April 12!