So, Jacob Elordi Has Nate's Bloody Facial Prosthetic on His Fridge

Jacob Elordi brought home a souvenir from the set of "Euphoria." The actor was recently tailed by "Vogue" for a video diary on his day-to-day life in Los Angeles, and it was revealed that he kept a piece of the facial prosthetic used in his character Nate's big fight scene with Fezco in the season two premiere. In addition to keeping bloodied piece of latex, Elordi has it fixed on his fridge with a magnet. "This is from when Fezco beat me up," he said. "Very cool."

Despite portraying Nate with depth and complexity, Elordi also kind of hates the guy. In an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" following the premiere in early January, Elordi said he understood why Fez would seek retribution after his house was raided following a tip from Nate. "I think me as Jacob, I would love to beat him up. I would love to give him a clip around the ears," he said. "But as Nate, I feel very bad for him. I had to get beat up. It sucked."

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