Here's a Refresher on What Led to That Nate and Fez Showdown in the Euphoria Premiere


Euphoria season two only just began, but the season is already off to a raucous start. In the Jan. 9 premiere, the East Highland High students meet up for a New Year's Eve party where Rue (Zendaya) struggles with her addiction while befriending a new face, Elliot, who she bonds with over their mutual interest in drugs. Meanwhile, Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) hooks up with Nate (Jacob Elordi), and Lexi (Maude Apatow) spends the whole evening chatting with Fez (Angus Cloud) on a couch. That is, until Fez approaches Nate and gives him a beating so bloody that the party screeches to a halt. Then, saying nothing, Fez exits.

What Happened Between Fez and Nate in Euphoria Season 1?

The most likely reason for this beatdown goes back to season one. Nate, who you'll recall is an extremely troubled and abusive teenager, catfishes Jules (Hunter Schafer) after finding out she hooked up with his dad, and begins to blackmail her with photos she sent him. As a result, Rue tries to make him pay for what he did, enlisting Fez to scare Nate. Being the quietly intimidating person he is, Fez tells Nate, in no uncertain terms, that he needs to stay away from Rue and Jules because Rue is his family and he protects his own.

Why Did Fez Beat Up Nate?

Obviously, Nate didn't take nicely to Fez telling him what to do — because Nate's not a good person! The finale of season one sees the cops raid Fez's drug-dealing ring, which leads to him having to dispose of the stock he has on hand. Naturally, Nate had to be behind all of this.

For viewers who've forgotten what happened in season one, the premiere episode of season two draws the connection from where he left off by starting with background on how Fez (and his little brother, Ashtray) got into the drug business through his grandmother, who raised him. Soon after, it brings viewers to the present day at the New Year's party, where right before Fez lays into him, Nate recalls how Fez told him he wanted to kill him.

While Fez leaves Nate unconscious and covered in blood, he's not dead based on the preview for the next episode. Fez was seemingly issuing Nate another warning as payback for sicking the cops on him. And that warning is that while Fez may seem calm and relatively unintimidating, he's clearly not one to be messed with.