Why the Number 17 Is So Important on Jane the Virgin

"Thirty-five hours 17 minutes to go, but who's counting?" Michael says early on in the dramatic Jane the Virgin season two finale. He's counting down the moments until the wedding — and the moment he'll get to finally have sex with Jane. But that never happens, because — major spoiler alert! — he's shot by international crime lord Sin Rostro on his way to get ice for his Champagne bucket. We're not quite sure what Michael's fate is, but the number 17 might be a clue. In fact, we're even more convinced because the season three premiere is airing on Oct. 17 — tonight!

First, let's examine the references. The "35 hours and 17 minutes to go" line is the first time we get a mention of the number 17, and if you were paying attention at home, you noticed that it wasn't the last. Here are the ones I caught:

  • $1,700: After screwing up the honeymoon plans, Michael books the presidential suite at the Biltmore. When an annoyed Jane asks him how much it costs, he says, "Like 17-hundred bucks." Michael ends up canceling the room to satisfy Jane, which means they end up at Rafael's hotel, the scene of the shooting.
  • 17 stops: After Rogelio's Rolls-Royce breaks down, Jane and her dad must take the bus. The driver tells them not once but twice that they'll arrive at the Holy Crown Church in 17 stops.
  • 17 minutes late: Conveniently, Jane is 17 minutes late to her wedding.
The CW

I couldn't help but think: these writers have a thing for the number 17. So what does it mean?

The number 17 is considered unlucky in Italy — there, Friday the 17th is like Friday the 13th. In Roman numerals, 17 is written as XVII. You can use those letters to spell VIXI, which means in Latin, "I have lived," aka the past tense of "I live," aka "I'm dead." In the work of the ancient Roman philosopher Cicero, the phrase "they have lived" is used to announce an execution. Add in the fact that Cordero means lamb in Spanish, and I think the writers are trying to tell us that Michael is the show's sacrificial lamb. Based on this and other clues, I'm starting to think he's really, actually, definitely dead. We'll find out soon enough!