Jimmy Kimmel Tries His Hardest to Get Spider-Man 3 Spoilers From Zendaya: "That Was Good"

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Unlike costar Tom Holland, Zendaya can actually keep Marvel secrets. However, that didn't stop Jimmy Kimmel from trying to get a few Spider-Man 3 spoilers from the star during her Dec. 3 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. After discussing her Emmy win and the pancake party she'd had to celebrate, Kimmel slyly asked, "Is it called Spider-Man 3 because there are three Spider-Men in the movie?" From Zendaya's pause, it's clear she was trying to make sure she had all her bases covered with her nonanswer of "I can neither confirm nor deny." Undeterred, Kimmel asked about her Thanksgiving with Spider-Man, tripping her up just a little bit. "That was good," she said to the host with a laugh. You can watch the full interview, and all of Kimmel's extraction tactics, above.