"I Just Want the Boys to Be Happy!" Our Deep Thoughts on the New Jonas Brothers Album

Peggy Sirota
Peggy Sirota

The Jonas Brothers comeback album, Happiness Begins, is finally here! On June 7, Kevin, Joe, and Nick released their first album in almost 10 years, and it's taking longtime fans all the way back. While the music definitely has some old-school flair, it's also the perfect blend of their solo careers as well. Above all else, though, the whole album showcases how the brothers have matured, both through their music and their personal lives. Yep, there are quite a few love songs about their respective wives. After listening to the album (quite a few times, personally), a few of us POPSUGAR editors decided to put our thoughts out in the open. Here is our official review of the Jonas Brothers' album Happiness Begins.

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"Let's be real, within the first few seconds of 'Sucker,' I was already hooked. And don't even get me started on the video starring the J Sisters." — Kelsie Gibson, associate celebrity and entertainment editor

"This is the be-all and end-all of bops. It's the type of song that makes you head bob on the subway and strut down the street like you're slaying a runway Tyra Banks style." — Victoria Messina, assistant trending and viral features editor

"I loved this song as soon as it came out. It's upbeat, and I can't help but to do a quick-clap sequence during the hook." — Brea Cubit, editorial assistant, celebrity and entertainment

"Is this my favorite song of all time? Def not. Is it a Summer bop that I'm 100 percent satisfied with? DEF." — Jessica Chassin, senior social coordinator

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"While the lyrics are much more chill than 'Sucker' (see what I did there?), this song is the perfect Summer bop. Not to mention, the music video definitely made me nostalgic with all of the hidden Easter eggs." — KG

"It starts slow, but when that refrain drops, I can't help but belt out 'COOOL' every damn time. I fully intend on renting a Jeep this Summer just so I can blast this one with the windows down while driving along a beach. Who's with me?" — VM

"OK, this one is still taking time to grow on me. It's probably my least favorite song on the album. But because literally every other song is good, I think I'll eventually be able to hop on the 'Cool' train." — BC

"Not gonna lie, I'm a little confused why 'Cool' was their second single. We all know there are much stronger songs on the album, but the music video was cute, and I have to give them that." — JC

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"Only Human"

"All the fun instruments in this are taking me back to their Lines, Vines, and Trying Times era . . . and I'm into it! If you didn't immediately start shimmying your shoulders during the chorus, then you're lying!" — KG

"I'm an awful dancer with absolutely zero rhythm, but this song makes me wanna move my hips and get groovin' — preferably somewhere tropical. This song slaps — plain and simple." — VM

"No joke, I was five seconds into this song when I decided that I loved it. It gives me an island feel that makes me want to relax beachside while sipping on a Mai Tai. I kept swaying while listening to it on the subway ride to work." — BC

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"I Believe"

"The Jonas Brothers are all married now, and while it's bittersweet realizing that the rest of us will never live out our dreams of becoming Mrs. Jonas, I can't help but swoon at all the sweet, sweet love songs their romances have inspired." — KG

"*deep sigh* This song's got me in my FEELINGS, y'all. My first thought was, 'Holy sh*t, Priyanka's one lucky lady, 'cause this MUST be about her and Nick's relationship, right?!' I'll be playing this one every time I'm in the mood to eat ice cream and pray that my own Nick Jonas comes along." — VM

"Um, can this get any cuter? I think it's pretty obvious that Nick is talking about Priyanka. I have to respect the fact that he's standing by their relationship and sings so passionately about their bond. It doesn't matter what the outside world thinks of their romance; they love each other dearly." — BC

"'I Believe' is one of my favorites! It's super sweet that Nick wrote it about Priyanka, and I really hope Priyanka is the star of this music video." — JC

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"Used to Be"

"As much as I love a Jonas Brothers love song, I'm a sucker for a sad breakup anthem. The love-hate lyrics about getting over someone while reminiscing on what used to be legit gave me chills. 'Don't Speak' is quaking right now!" — KG

"HIT. THAT. HIGH. NOTE. YAS, NICK! Also, BRB, sobbing in my shower. Every lyric is beyond accurate and hits me in the heart like a goddamn dagger. Why'd you guys have to go and attack me like that by putting two tear-inducing songs in a row??" — VM

"This one captures the dreamy-meets-trap sound really well. I don't know if it's one that I'll have on constant repeat, but it's a chill tune that's very modern Jonas-ey." — BC

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"Every Single Time"

"I honestly love how the brothers are playing with repetition and alliteration on this album. I can definitely hear the similarities between this and Nick's solo music." — KG

"OK, I'm liiiiiving for the islandy vibes of this one. Hello, Summer bop! The lyrics 'every single time, I keep on coming back to you' pretty much describes my love for the JoBros through the years, so there's that." — VM

"Again with the island vibes! I can't help but to smile and move my shoulders with the beat." — BC

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"Don't Throw It Away"

"Um, can we talk about the vocals in the chorus?! Living for these harmonies." — KG

"LOL, where was this song a month ago when my boyfriend broke up with me? Seriously though, the lyrics perfectly sum up everything I wish I could've said to him back then, but the song oddly doesn't make me feel like crying à la 'Used to Be,' thanks to the cheery beat." — VM

"Wow, I'm really loving the vocals in this. For some reason, I feel like the sound of this one really matches the album cover aesthetic: wispy and dreamlike." — BC

"This song is clearly about the guys coming back together and how they can't throw away the band and what they have together. Strong lyrics and song melody, and overall one of the strongest songs on the album." — JC

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"Love Her"

"The Jonas Brothers just went full Ed Sheeran on us. If Justin Bieber's 'Love Yourself' was a love song, it would be this." — KG

"Ummm, hello potential future wedding song if I ever even get married?? This is the new 'Lovebug,' and I'm friggin' here for it. Also, if these men don't make a music video for this song with their wives in it, I'm straight-up RIOTING. It's what we deserve." — VM

"OK, I really might play this at my wedding. I'm not going to lie, I teared up while listening to this for the first time. It's so freaking adorable! And it really made me reflect on the fact that Kevin, Joe, and Nick really are grown up and have found their loves." — BC

"My. Favorite. Song. On. The. Album. It's giving me Justin Bieber 'Love Yourself' vibes, in the best way." — JC

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"Happy When I'm Sad"

"I'm definitely getting DNCE vibes from this one. It's basically a more upbeat version of 'Jinx.'" — KG

"Don't ask me whether I'm happy or sad when I listen to this because I STILL haven't sorted out my feelings yet. The tempo is happy and makes me wanna dance along, but at the same time, the lyrics are pretty darn spot on for me. I'm conflicted but oddly OK with it." — VM

"I used to work at Charlotte Russe, and this one especially sounds like a song the store would play on repeat. So I'm a little put off by it for that reason. But it's not a bad song." — BC

"It's a bop, but the lyrics are low-key dark. I just want the boys to be happy!" — JC

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"I can already picture myself playing this poolside on a lazy Summer afternoon with a drink in hand." — KG

"It took me the first three seconds to fall in love with this song. This BEAT. That FALSETTO. Biiiiig yes." — VM

"I can already tell this one is going to get stuck in my head. It's super catchy!" — BC

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"Now that is a classic Jonas Brothers song. The sound is definitely reminiscent of their older hits, but much more mature." — KG

"The perfect mix of pop and rock, this one reminds me of their older music in the best way possible. Listening to it is basically like boarding a time machine and transporting back to 2008, when I was sobbing about breathing the same air as them during their Burnin' Up tour." — VM

"Songs like this one make me wish I still had my car. I just want to blast this as loud as possible while driving around my hometown in Southern California as the sun sets." — BC

"You know when you listen to an album for the first time, and a lot of the songs sound the same? This one sounds like a lot of the others, but I'm not mad about it. It's in the handful of songs on the album that makes me want to buy a convertible, put the top down, and just sing! Yes, 'Rollercoaster' is obviously in that bucket." — JC

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"No YOU cried listening to 'Hesitate'! The lyrics. Joe's voice. The soft guitar in the background. Ugh, it's so good! Side note: is that Kevin singing lead at one point? I NEED TO KNOW!" — KG

"Ooooof, this one's a sucker punch to the heart. The lyrics are so deep and impactful, and knowing that it's Joe's love letter to Sophie in light of her mental health struggles makes it even more meaningful. This one knocks it out of the park." — VM

"Um, can this get any cuter?! You can't convince me this isn't about Sophie Turner. I mean, come on. This is another one I'd love to play at my wedding. (I love how I'm talking about my wedding as if I'm not totally single right now.)" — BC

"My only thought while listening to this song is how jealous I am of the 'J Sisters.' The boys really love them." — JC

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"If you think I'm using the lyrics from this song as the caption for my Instagram post about their concert . . . then you're exactly right. Recalling that their earlier hit song 'Goodnight and Goodbye' references a rollercoaster ride makes this track even more emotional for longtime fans. I'm so happy to be riding this rollercoaster with them again!" — KG

"Holy nostalgia. This one takes me back to my OG Jo Bros stanning days and serves as a great reminder of how far they've come since then. [Insert happy tears.]" — VM

"This one gives me 'Wake Me Up' vibes, which could explain why I love it so much. 'Sucker' is my absolute favorite bop on this album, but 'Rollercoaster' comes in at a very close second. It gives me a dose of nostalgia and makes me want to get together with my friends and loved ones and just have a good time." — BC

"Prediction: this song is gonna be all over the radio all Summer long. Also, after watching their documentary, this song really just makes think of how far they came from writing songs in that two-bedroom Little Falls house. I'm proud of them." — JC

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"And now I'm full-on sobbing. While this could easily be a love song about a significant other, it also reads as the brothers' love letter to each other. The lyrics have a double meaning of 'come back' so we can work out our issues, but at the same time, this is their 'comeback' as a band. It's the perfect note to end the album on." — KG

"Catch me belting out every 'oooh' and 'come back' in the bridge of this song until further notice. I also really love the abrupt ending of this song for some strange reason." — VM

"What a perfect way to end this LP! It feels like they really wrapped up the essence of their reunion and the current state of their lives. By the end of it, I had such a cheesy smile on my face. Like one of those 'I'm so proud of y'all' smiles. Also, this song is also a great transition to 'Sucker' if you have the album playing on a loop." — BC

"Thank you to the Jonas Brothers for ending the album on a high note. I love this song and love that the Jonas Brothers came back to me. That's all." — JC