10 of Kenan Thompson's Funniest "Saturday Night Live" Sketches

As "Saturday Night Live"'s longest-running cast member, Kenan Thompson has appeared in countless sketches during his tenure. Originally joining the comedy series in 2003, Thompson will appear in his landmark 20th season in 2022.

Thompson, who is hosting the 2022 Emmys on Sept. 12, has proved to be an extremely versatile member of the "SNL" cast, playing everyone from overenthusiastic talk-show hosts to real-life figures like Steve Harvey. Though a number of his costars, including Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon, announced their departure after the 2021 season, Thompson has never hinted at plans to leave — though he did say that it might be a good idea for the show itself to end after season 50, as that's when creator and producer Lorne Michaels's current contract ends.

As for why he hasn't yet walked away from the series, Thompson told Deadline in 2021, "It's a wild place! That's why I am never in a rush to leave because I have never seen anything like it and number two, there aren't many live shows left. It never gets old because it's sketch comedy and it changes every week."

Thompson has had a varied career outside of "SNL." He got his start on Nickelodeon's sketch comedy show "All That" in 1994 and starred with frequent collaborator Kel Mitchell on "Kenan & Kel" from 1996 to 2000. He started appearing on "SNL" in 2003, becoming the show's first cast member born after 1975 at the time. In 2021, he also led NBC's sitcom "Kenan," which ran for two seasons before being canceled. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2022.

Ahead, check out some of Thompson's funniest and most iconic "SNL" sketches over the years.

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"Parole Board"

Thompson plays a cannibal trying to make his case for parole in this 2015 sketch.

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"Funeral Service"

Thompson appears alongside Scarlett Johansson as two pals performing a musical tribute to a late friend in this sketch from 2017.

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"Romance Bookstore"

In this 2017 clip, Thompson joins Aidy Bryant and John Cena as the staff of an erotic bookstore who take the books they're selling a bit too seriously.

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"What Up With That?"

Thompson has played hilarious hosts on "Saturday Night Live" many times — and his 2013 appearance as enthusiastic, highly musical host Diondre Cole in this sketch that features Samuel L. Jackson, Carrie Brownstein, Bill Hader, and Martin Short is no exception.

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"Diner Lobster"

Thompson appears alongside Pete Davidson in this surreal 2018 sketch, which also stars John Mulaney, about what happens when a diner attendee decides to order lobster.

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"Jail Cellmate"

Thompson plays an imprisoned Bill Cosby in this hilarious 2018 bit, which also stars Seth Meyers.

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"Them Trumps: State of the Union"

Thompson appears as Darius Trump in this 2019 TV show parody about the Trump family, "Them Trumps," which focuses on the question, "What if Donald Trump was Black?"

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"Come Back, Barack"

Thompson shows off his vocal talents in this 2017 R&B ode to Barack Obama, which also features Chance the Rapper.

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"Weekend Update: The Village People on Donald Trump Using Their Music"

Thompson appears as a member of The Village People in this 2020 sketch, which shows the band demanding that Donald Trump stop using "Y.M.C.A." at his rallies.

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"Cinema Classics: Gaslight"

Thompson appears as yet another hysterical host, recurring character Reese De'What, in this 2022 episode of "Cinema Classics."