Kesha Wanders a Cereal-Filled Motel of Horrors in the Absurdist "My Own Dance" Music Video

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From what we've heard so far, it seems that Kesha's upcoming album High Road will be a beat-heavy, pop-laden return to the type of music that launched her to stardom back in 2009 with her debut single, "Tik Tok." In addition to her recently released track "Raising Hell," the singer-songwriter has shared the trippy, Allie Avital-directed music video for her new song, "My Own Dance."

"You're the party girl, you're the tragedy," Kesha sings as she wanders a dingy motel filled with partiers chowing down on cereal, girls twerking in hazmat suits, and a pair of dancing twins straight out of The Shining. "But the funny thing, is I'm f*cking everything."

The song was written by Kesha, John Hill, Justin Tranter, and Dan Reynolds, and is an ode to "reconciling the many facets of who you are, embracing your multitudes, and learning how to create your own unique dance through life," according to a press release from her team.