Kesha Preaches '80s Glam in the Righteous Music Video For "Raising Hell"

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Kesha promised us "pure and utter debaucherous joy" in the music on her new album, High Road, and the music video for "Raising Hell" certainly delivers on that.

The visual for the party-ready track is steeped in '80s glam, with Kesha playing a preacher with big blond hair and neon skirt suits and living in a massive marble mansion with her abusive husband. Although it's fun to watch the singer bounce around with a gospel choir and live out her Righteous Gemstones fantasy, things soon take a turn for the worse when her husband assaults her and she's forced to defend herself, ending in his death.

This leads to Kesha's character going on the run, dying her hair brown, getting arrested, and teasing the dark places future music videos for High Road might explore. Check out "Raising Hell" (featuring the vocal assist of Big Freedia) above, and then remind yourself why you loved Rainbow so damn much.