Despite Being in Home Alone, Kieran Culkin Didn't Know the Plot When He Was Younger

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Succession's Kieran Culkin was just 7 years old when he starred alongside brother Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, so it's understandable he didn't fully grasp the concept of the film. During his Aug. 27 appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Culkin made sure to correct Corden's intel on the film before talking about how he thought it had been about "the kid who gets his head counted incorrectly." It wasn't until the movie's premiere that the plot clicked, with Culkin apparently saying, "Oh that makes sense because Mac was on set all the time."

Just like the rest of us, the Culkins also watch Home Alone as part of their holiday traditions. "It has that same sort of nostalgia," Culkin explained when asked whether he could enjoy the movie like the rest of the world. To hear him talk more about the film and get a round of applause from Reggie Watts, you can watch his full interview above.