Eve and Villanelle Can't Let Each Other Go in the New Killing Eve Season 2 Trailer

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The obsession begins anew in the second season of BBC America's Killing Eve, and from the looks of the things, the story is about to get even more intense. Season two picks up seconds after the finale of season one, and it's obvious that things between MI-5 officer Eve (Screen Actors Guild Award winner Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) are getting kicked up a notch.

"Why are you and Villanelle so interested in each other?" Fiona Shaw's Carolyn Martens asks Eve (Sandra Oh) at one point in the new footage, but it's also the crux of the entire series — they're inextricably linked, but neither of them can quite articulate the full truth of why that is.

Now that we have three trailers, we've seen everything from Villanelle escaping the hospital mid-recovery, openly admitting an intention to stabbing someone, and (possibly) dressing up as a pig in a milkmaid's costume. The new footage doesn't give us much in the way of details on what we can expect in season two, but we do know that this season will show us exactly how bad things can turn in Eve and Villanelle's poisonous, but intoxicating relationship. As executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle explained, this season will toy with what "would happen to Villanelle . . . if she thought that Eve's gaze wasn't always on her." Whew. We're already on pins and needles.

Watch the trailer above and be ready to dive back into the insanity when the show comes back on April 7.

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