The Highlight of The Kissing Booth 2? This Underrated Song From the Halloween Dance

I love slow-dance scenes in romantic movies, and the one shared between Elle (Joey King) and Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez) in The Kissing Booth 2 is one of the film's emotional highlights. In the middle of their Halloween party, it seems like the two of them have finally let their guards down as they embrace each other and slowly sway back and forth beneath the neon lights of the dark venue. Their body language says everything I need to know, their shared affection obvious and captivating, but it's the music in this scene that takes the emotional tension to a whole new level.

The live band plays a rich and smooth melody resonating through the screen as the lyrics slowly build into a defining "not all who wander are lost." Elle and Marco stare into each others' eyes and, in classic rom-com fashion, the world around them blurs. It's one of those movie moments where the music says so much more than the characters ever could.

If you're dying to know more about the song used during this scene, I'm happy to report that I've got answers. The powerful number is called "Wonderlust" by Chicago-born musician Will Post, off his 2018 album titled Beautiful Love. It had a little over 10,000 streams before TKB2 premiered, and I have a feeling it's about to blow up even more. Post doesn't actually appear in the movie; actor Sean Barenblatt is the one lip-syncing on the stage.

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The first movie heavily featured classic '80s songs, and while I wasn't totally against it, I liked seeing the franchise branch out into a more modern and diverse lineup of music. It's one of the many changes that elevated the sequel beyond original. Other musical highlights from the film include every time we see Marco with a guitar, and yes that is actually Zakhar Perez singing!