Mindy Kaling Shakes Up the Writers' Room in This Exclusive Featurette From Late Night

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Mindy Kaling might be known for her devotion to the romantic-comedy genre, but her latest film, Late Night, is more an ode to the importance of hard work than it necessarily is to romance. Kaling, who wrote the screenplay, stars as Molly Patel, an aspiring comedy writer who's hired by legendary late-night host Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) to give her show some much-needed adjustments and hopefully save her career in the process.

"She's a big dreamer who wants to work in late-night television, and I really identified with that part of the character," Kaling said in our exclusive featurette from Late Night, above. "I always used to dream about what it would be like to write jokes for someone like David Letterman, and how it must be the best job in the whole world."

As Molly soon discovers, working for Katherine isn't a cake walk since she has to find her place in a writer's room packed with white men who aren't exactly thrilled by her addition to their space. "Molly's both made to feel like she's a token because she's a woman, and also because she's Indian. These are things I have felt vividly in my career," Kaling explained.

After making a splash at Sundance earlier this year, Late Night opened in select theaters on June 7 and is set for a wide release on June 14. Watch our exclusive clip, then make sure you check out the film for yourself!