From the Giant Butt to the Gorgeous Dancers, Lizzo's Joyful VMAs Performance Gave Us Chills

Lizzo manages to inject a good dose of cheer in all her performances, and the 2019 MTV VMAs were no different! The 31-year-old singer took the stage to perform a rousing medley of her hit singles "Good as Hell" and "Truth Hurts," complete with a giant butt balloon and cloud props all over the stage. Though she started her performance with the clapback anthem about washing ain't-good-for-nothing men out of your hair, she smoothly transitioned into "Good as Hell," enforcing the song's self-love message with an outfit change into a bright yellow bodysuit with dancers wearing cloud-print bodysuits as they crooned along with her.

"Let me talk to y'all for a second," she said, stepping onto a platform during the song's breakdown. "I'm tired of the bullsh*t and I don't have to know your story to know that you're tired of the bullsh*t too. It's so hard trying to love yourself in a world that doesn't love you back, am I right? So I want to take this opportunity right now to just feel good as hell! Because you deserve to feel good as hell!"

Preach, sister Lizzo! It's unsurprising that Lizzo's performance had the entire audience on their feet — shoot, there were probably viewers at home on their feet as well! We'll definitely be coming back to this performance whenever we need cheering up, but for now keep scrolling to check it out, and get an eyeful of all the gorgeous shots from her performance, too.

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Lizzo Performs 'Truth Hurts' & 'Good as Hell' | 2019 Video Music Awards