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Watch These Videos of Lizzo Playing the Flute

The Grammys Are Far From the First Time Lizzo Played the Flute on Stage

Watch These Videos of Lizzo Playing the Flute
Image Source: Getty / Jeff Kravitz

Plenty of musicians play instruments as well as sing, but Lizzo stands out in this regard as well as countless others. The Grammy-winning diva doesn't just play guitar or piano like so many others — she plays the flute! Lizzo has shown off her jazz flute skills during several performances, and it definitely puts a whole new twist on an instrument most of us think of in the context of symphony orchestras or high school marching bands. It's just one more example of what makes Lizzo deeply cool and deeply unique. As she celebrates her big night at the Grammys, take a look at some of Lizzo's best performances featuring her flute skills over the years!

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