Love, Antosha: The Trailer For the Anton Yelchin Documentary Is Heart-Shattering

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Hollywood suffered a tragic loss in 2016 when actor Anton Yelchin died at just 27 years old following a fatal car collision outside his home. Despite his young age, he had already built an impressive career filled with memorable roles showing off his talent. And now, thanks to the upcoming documentary Love, Antosha, his family, friends, fans, and colleagues are getting an inside look at his journey to stardom.

The first trailer for the documentary features interviews with Yelchin's family members, as well as costars from films like Star Trek (Simon Pegg, John Cho, Chris Pine), Fierce People (Kristen Stewart), Terminator Salvation (Bryce Dallas Howard), and more. There are also snippets of his journals and other writings, photography, and original music that he composed, all of which paint a portrait of his successes and struggles in equal measure. Watch the trailer for Love, Antosha before it premieres on Aug. 2.