Prepare For Matt Smith to Creep You Allllll the Way Out in the Charlie Says Trailer

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If you happened to have developed a crush on Matt Smith after seeing him in Doctor Who (or even as Prince Philip in The Crown, I won't judge), then I regret to inform you that the British star is effectively ending all attraction to him with his next role.

The first trailer for Charlie Says has arrived, which stars Smith as infamous cult leader Charles Manson. The film will follow Manson and his twisted "family" before they committed the heinous murders that rocketed them to infamy, back "when everything was about love." Directed by American Psycho's Mary Harron, Charlie Says explores not only Manson, but also the women who fell under his spell (Game of Thrones actress Hannah Murray is among those playing his female followers).

Watch the chilling trailer above before it opens in theaters on May 10 (it will also be available via on demand on May 17).