10 Questions We All Have About That Melisandre Scene on Game of Thrones

I think we can all agree that some weird stuff goes down on Game of Thrones' season six premiere. Chief among these strange goings-on is the scene in which Melisandre sheds her dress — and her youth goes with it. It's a stunning conclusion to the season opener, and we have a lot of questions about it. Unfortuntely, we don't have a ton of answers yet, but here's what we do know.

  1. Exactly how old is she? We don't know an exact age, but the writers have talked about her age range.
  2. How is the necklace tied to her appearance? She tranforms right after she takes it off, so that has to have something to do with it, right?
  3. What about that other time she takes off her necklace? She totally takes it off in the bathtub.
  1. Does she transform like that every night? What if someone walks in to wake her up early or something?
  2. Why not at least put on a nightgown? It has to be really cold at the Wall.
  3. Why does she look so angry? Crisis of faith aside, she looks pissed.
  1. Why are we just seeing this now? Melisandre has been on the show for so long that it seems like a very deliberate choice to do this reveal right now.
  2. Is it to hint that she may be using her powers to resurrect Jon Snow? One of the strongest theories about how Jon will return to the show is that Melisandre brings him back to life. Perhaps the writers are showing us this now to prep us for the Red Woman to sacrifice herself for Jon.
  3. When the Dothraki men are talking about white-haired women with Daenerys, is that just foreshadowing this scene? This is a stretch, but it does seem like a funny coincidence.
  4. Are we going to see her in this form again? We just need to brace ourselves, is all.