Lock Your Doors! Michael Myers Is Back in the Suspenseful New Trailer For Halloween Kills

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What's that? A chilling song playing in A minor and getting louder and louder with each passing second? Lock your doors and stay inside, because Michael Myers is back in the new trailer for Halloween Kills, and he's on a mission for revenge. "Evil dies tonight," Laurie Strode warns as she sits terrified in a hospital bed after narrowly escaping the fire she falsely hoped would take down her lifelong nemesis once and for all. "He's the essence of evil," another disembodied voice adds before one brave character strips him of his mask.

Halloween Kills is the sequel to Halloween (2018) and marks the 12th installment of the Michael Myers Halloween series. It sees the ruthless serial killer as he sets out to enact his revenge on Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her family after they left him to die. The film, which was originally set to premiere on Oct. 16, has been pushed back to Oct. 15, 2021 — and you can bet we'll be ready when it arrives.