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Movies and TV Shows Affected by Writers' Strike

14 Movies and TV Shows Affected by the Writers' Strike

Movies and TV Shows Affected by Writers' Strike
Image Source: ABC

All the most talented actors, sophisticated sets, and production expenses in the world can't save a poorly written show. (For reference, see the "Game of Thrones" season eight finale.) Our favorite movies and TV shows would be nothing without good writing — and that's exactly what the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has been making clear since it went on strike on May 2.

The strike follows months of failed negotiations between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). "Though our Negotiating Committee began this process intent on making a fair deal, the studios' responses have been wholly insufficient given the existential crisis writers are facing," the WGA Twitter account wrote on the first day of the strike. Soon after news of the strike broke, stars including Drew Barrymore and Quinta Brunson voiced their support, with Barrymore dropping out of her hosting gig at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in solidarity.

During a writers' strike, writers halt all writing, pitching, and searching for work, meaning many highly anticipated shows have been delayed. Some incomplete shows with finished scripts have also been put on pause, because writers generally remain on set and make adjustments as needed over the course of the filming process. It's not clear how these pauses will affect each show; it's possible some might be delayed by just weeks or months, depending on the length of the strike, while others may shorten their new seasons or could fail to resume at all.

Ahead, see if your favorite show has been put on pause due to the strike.

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