I Could Watch This Talented Sister Trio's Mesmerizing Dance Videos For Hours on End

Next time you're having a bad day, head on over to Norah, Yarah, and Rosa Mukanga's joint Instagram account, and your mood will instantly improve. Collectively known as Let It Happen, the talented trio of sisters have two-stepped and shimmied their way into the social media spotlight, repeatedly going viral for their in-sync dance videos. And when I say in-sync, I mean it to the umpteenth degree. You just might think you're seeing triple while perusing their content.

Twins Norah and Yarah, both 15, and Rosa, 13, grew up dancing together to the R&B and hip-hop music their parents played at home in the Netherlands. It wasn't until three years ago that they chose to brand themselves as Let It Happen, and there's a pretty sweet story behind the moniker. Prior to one of the many international dance contests they've competed in, their father was giving them a motivational speech to quell their nerves when the expression came up. "He said, 'Guys, don't worry, just let it happen!'" Norah recalled to POPSUGAR. "Since that day, we never forgot his words and we started to use the phrase more often. After a while, we thought, 'Why don't we just call our group Let It Happen?' It's kind of our philosophy."

Although Norah, Yarah, and Rosa have a professional dance instructor in Paris (casual!), they choreograph each routine on their own, which makes them all the more impressive. After making their song selection, they typically lock themselves in a training space, listen to the track on repeat a few times, then collaborate to come up with the moves, Rosa explained. Their mom also always helps pick out perfectly color-coordinated outfits before they press "record" and show off their sibling bond and smooth-as-butter footwork with nary a misstep in sight.

"It was pure joy."

The first time their skills garnered global attention was when they danced to James Brown's hit song "Get on the Good Foot" to honor the late Godfather of Soul's birthday. The video raked in millions of views and was even reposted by Brown's official Facebook page, thus increasing their reach. "I don't think that we can express how we felt at that moment," Yarah said. "It was pure joy."

As of today, the stylish group's videos have been shared by a bevy of A-listers, including but not limited to Alicia Keys, Viola Davis, Michael B. Jordan, Jennifer Garner, and Janet Jackson. They've appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show not once but twice and virtually performed during Lollapalooza, the Every Vote Counts: A Celebration of Democracy broadcast, and the Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along special. Plus, their social media fame has opened the doors for collaborations with big-name brands like Netflix, Coca-Cola, Nike, Good American, and Moncler, the last of which they noted has been one of their favorites. To say they're booked and busy would be an understatement.

"We give ourselves the time to create and to learn."

Despite the ever-increasing stardom they've deservedly achieved in the last year, Norah, Yarah, and Rosa don't let the pressure of having a huge following get to them. "We are never in a hurry [to share new content]," Norah said. "We give ourselves the time to create and to learn." For now, they are working toward taking their dance careers to the United States and even hope to dabble in film acting one day. No matter what direction their careers go down the line, one thing's for sure: they'll be serving up heaps of joyous energy and undeniable talent.

To add periodic serotonin boosts to your social media feed, be sure to slam that follow button on Norah, Yarah, and Rosa's Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube pages. If you're not already convinced to do so, take a peek at some of their impressive dancing videos, including one featuring Usher!