Zoey Deutch's Lie Spirals Out of Control in the "Not Okay" Trailer

The full trailer for Searchlight Pictures's upcoming movie "Not Okay" is here. In the clip, released on July 21, Zoey Deutch stars as Danni, an aspiring writer who lies about going on a retreat in Paris all to impress her influencer coworker Colin, played by Dylan O'Brien. She uses her skills as a photo editor to fake the trip, only to get a rude awakening when she finds out Paris was hit by a major terrorist attack and everyone thinks she's a survivor. Rather than tell the truth, Danni leans in, finally finding the fame and influence she always wanted. At a support group, she connects with another survivor, Rowan (Mia Isaac), and things quickly get out of hand. Watch the full trailer ahead.

Searchlight Pictures has shared this description for the movie: "Danni Sanders (Zoey Deutch), an aimless aspiring writer with no friends, no romantic prospects and — worst of all — no followers, fakes an Instagram-friendly trip to Paris in the hopes of boosting her social media clout. When a terrifying incident strikes the City of Lights, Danni unwittingly falls into a lie bigger than she ever imagined. She 'returns' a hero, even striking up an unlikely friendship with Rowan (Mia Isaac), a real trauma survivor dedicated to societal change, and scooping up the man of her dreams Colin (Dylan O'Brien). As an influencer and advocate, Danni finally has the life and audience she always wanted. But it's only a matter of time before the facade cracks, and she learns the hard way that the Internet loves a takedown."

"Not Okay" is written and directed by Quinn Shephard. The movie marks Deutch and O'Brien's onscreen reunion after their 2021 film "The Outfit." Here's everything we know so far about the forthcoming movie.

"Not Okay" Trailer

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"Not Okay" Teaser Trailer

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"Not Okay" Release Date

"Not Okay" will be released on Hulu on July 29.

"Not Okay" Cast

In addition to Deutch, O'Brien, and Isaac, the cast includes Karan Soni, Embeth Davidtz, Brennan Brown, Nadia Alexander, Tia Dionne Hodge, Negin Farsad, Sarah Yarkin, and Dash Perry.