Someone Turned The Nun Into a Sexy Halloween Costume, and Now I'm Hyperventilating

After The Nun made its theatrical debut in early September, it was pretty much inevitable that people would look to the film's titular character for Halloween costume inspiration within the weeks to come. You've probably already seen a few spot-on viral makeup tutorials inspired by the movie floating around on YouTube, but this Reddit user took things to a whole new level on Thursday when she shared a photo of herself sporting a sexed-up version of the creepy costume. I honestly can't decide if I'm terrified or impressed. Maybe both?

The user, who goes by Crispypumpkin on Reddit, put the costume together using what appears to be your average sexy nun costume, which you can probably pick up from any Halloween costume retailer, like Party City. She, of course, wore the ghoulish makeup from the film (which is also probably the sole reason why you've been having nonstop nightmares for the last month) and accessorized her outfit with wide fishnet tights and red patent-leather, platform pumps. It's the perfect ensemble for anyone who wants to get into a club for free before 11 p.m. while still having time to terrorize a family of five.

Whether this makes you consider adding the piece to your list of potential Halloween costumes or not, at least it'll give you something else to think about instead of those terrifying trailers for the movie.