These Photos of the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Cast Are Basically a Trip to the '60s

Quentin Tarantino's latest film is a love letter to the film industry itself, and his admiration is all in the details. Released on July 26, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood follows a washed-up actor and his deceptively dangerous stunt double as they navigate the changes their professions undergo, as well as the world around them. Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski are said actor's next-door neighbors, and the Manson Family is prominently featured in the subplot.

The film is set entirely in 1969, and it's fascinating to see Leonardo DiCaprio dressed up in suave '60s attire as struggling actor Rick Dalton. Portraying stuntman Cliff Booth, Brad Pitt manages to look as handsome as ever wearing the same big aviator sunglasses and yellow Hawaiian shirt for the majority of the movie. Meanwhile, Margot Robbie is absolutely captivating as Tate.

If you still haven't seen the star-studded film — and have perhaps already watched the trailer several times over — look ahead to see stunning photos of the cast in character.