Paul Rudd Was Buried Alive in a Plastic Bag For New Netflix Show (We’re Not Kidding)

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Paul Rudd sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night to chat about all of his new upcoming projects, and whoa, he's been busy this year. After reminiscing on when (25 years ago) and why (to join the theater) he moved to New York, the conversation turned to Ghostbusters — which wrapped filming in early October — then swiftly moved on to Ant-Man, but the actor didn't give anything away about what the future holds for his Marvel character.

The reason for Rudd's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, though, was to promote his new Netflix show, Living With Yourself. The show, which is now available to stream, starts with Rudd clawing his way out of the ground, and then ripping through the plastic bag he was wrapped in. The scene is striking, no doubt. But Rudd describing the process of filming the scene (which involved wearing a diaper in a public park and breathing through a snorkel while being buried alive) was enough to make me break out in a cold sweat.

Watch the full interview above before learning all there is to know about Rudd's new show, Living With Yourself.