We Love the Fab Five, but the True Star of Queer Eye Is Bruley, the Queer Eye Dog

We've fallen in love with Bruley, the Queer Eye dog, and we can't get up! The fourth season of Queer Eye is out on Netflix, and amidst the celebrity guest stars and the heartwarming makeovers, Bruley has clearly (in our eyes at least) emerged as the star we should all be talking about.

The French bulldog, who made his TV debut in season three of the Netflix show and has been a fan favorite ever since, is the cutest scene-stealer imaginable, as the official mascot for the Fab Five (or, should we say, the Fab Six). In real life, Bruley belongs to Queer Eye producer Michelle Silva, but he's a star in his own right and even has his own official (and very active!) Instagram account. For a pick-me-up anytime — whether you've already watched Queer Eye season four or not — check out these seriously adorable pics of our new best friend, Bruley.