Pitch Perfect 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Pitch Perfect phenomenon keeps chugging along, and the a cappella comedy will continue its pop culture relevance when the sequel is released next year. Pitch Perfect 2 is currently in development, and though there aren't too many plot details, we do have a handful of updates. If you're as excited about the musical sequel as we are, read on to get all the details we know so far, and keep checking back!

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Who's Starring

Original stars Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick were the first to close deals to appear in the sequel, reprising their roles as Beca and Fat Amy. Since then, plenty of others have signed on — see who else is confirmed for the cast.

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Release Date

Pitch Perfect 2 will come out May 15, 2015, giving us one more reason to look forward to Spring.

Who's Directing

Producer and costar Elizabeth Banks will make her directorial debut on the sequel. She will also be coproducing again, while original screenwriter Kay Cannon will write the script for the sequel. She'll also be reprising her role as a commentator. "We will see a little more of Gail and John (John Michael Higgins) and delve into their dynamic," Banks told Out recently. "You're going to learn more about why she has three last names."

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Plot Details

Elizabeth Banks spoke to The Huffington Post and revealed the timeline. "All I can say right now is that they will be graduating seniors this time around, rather than incoming freshmen," Banks spilled. We also know that Beca will be interning at a record store.

There Will Be New Characters

Hailee Steinfeld joined the cast as a new character, and Disney star Chrissie Fit joined the cast as a new Barden Bella! She's been in Disney Channel's Teen Beach Movie and Win, Lose or Draw.

Welcome our newest Barden Bella, @chrissiefit, to the cast of #PitchPerfect2! http://t.co/Il9t0wEbnh pic.twitter.com/lZCeJgN5eX

— #PitchPerfect (@PitchPerfect) April 25, 2014

Meanwhile, an all-male a cappella group called The Filharmonics have joined the cast. You may recognize them from NBC's talent show, The Sing-Off.

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