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Listen to Blanks's Post Malone and ABBA Mashup

What Would It Sound Like If Post Malone Covered ABBA? Spoiler: Surprisingly Good

Something about Post Malone's music doesn't immediately scream '70s Swedish pop, and yet, a new mashup has made us think otherwise. YouTube blogger and musician Simon de Wit, who goes by Blanks, recently shared a shockingly spot-on video imagining what it would sound like if Malone were to cover ABBA's "Dancing Queen."

Though the catchy lyrics remain unchanged, it's Blanks's vocals and the overall production that give the song that modern, hip-hop quality. The end result will make you realize how amusing it is to hear the line "feel the beat from the tambourine" sung through autotune. The mashup comes shortly after Alicia Keys offered her dreamy spin on Malone's "Congratulations" during a festival appearance.

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