Pretty Little Liars: The OMG Moments From "Close Encounters"

Well, it seems that A giveth, and A taketh away. This week on Pretty Little Liars, the girls frantically head to the Busy Bee Inn, only to find that Ali has disappeared. Again. Emily still seems determined to find her missing friend, while Spencer needs to learn how to stop trying to control everything, and Aria and Hanna are struggling in matters of the heart.

In light of all the confusing and tumultuous events in the girls' lives, this week gives us plenty of new things to worry about, too. What's going to happen once Aria and Ezra get back together? Will Ali ever show her face again? Things are just starting to heat up, and I imagine it won't be too long before everything starts to boil over.

  • Emily goes to meet Ali. Shana returns to Rosewood to track down Emily and set up a secret meeting with Ali. As luck would have it, Shana and Ali have allegedly been friends since they were kids, and she only came to Rosewood to go undercover and figure out who A is. I definitely feel hesitant to believe anything that comes out of Shana's mouth, but Ali actually shows up!
  • Alison begs Emily for help. We learn a few peculiar things from this encounter. Ali thought she knew who A was, but she was wrong. Now, even she's not sure who A is anymore. Also, Emily seems to be the only girl of the four that Ali trusts, which means that one of the other three isn't quite who she says she it. So, who's the liar?
  • Hanna gets on the rebound train. Remember last week when I thought Travis might be Hanna's new squeeze? Called it.
  • Ashley Marin has the weirdest form of therapy ever. When Hanna's mom catches her daughter making out with Travis, she takes Hanna to an actual establishment called Cracked Up, where you literally pay money to throw plates at a wall. Like a shooting range, but with plates. This place cannot be real. Like, I cannot imagine they get enough business to stay open.
  • Toby has turned into a total yawn-fest. Yes, everyone, Toby and Spencer are still trying to figure out what really happened to Toby's mom. Even Toby says it's time to move on, so let's hope this whole, drawn-out storyline is finally out of the way.
  • Spencer is the screw-up for once. Spencer has trouble letting go of things this week. Not only does she refuse to let up about Toby's mom, but she scares off Ali prematurely when she follows Emily, who of course is furious. Spencer kind of makes a good point, though, when she says Ali might be trying to drive them apart. It's true that we've never really trusted Shana, and if we know she's working with Ali, maybe Ali's not so good after all. Man, with all the double-agents and traitors on this show, I can't even figure out who to put my faith in anymore.
  • Aria gets caught between Ezra and Jake. Speaking of people who are gigantic question marks, I'm more confused about Ezra than ever. Aria decides to dump Jake, but things get weird when he sees Ezra yelling at a woman and smacking her car. It has to be Ezra who fits Jake's punching bag with knives, because Jake cuts himself up pretty bad right after Aria confronts Ezra and tells him that Jake was the one who spilled the beans. Who else would have any reason to do it? Aria needs to be careful, because I'm not liking where this is going.

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Source: ABC Family