Charles Seems Creepier Than Ever in the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Trailer

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The season six promo of Pretty Little Liars has been released, and it looks as though Charles — the newly dubbed "A" — has only just begun his reign of terror on the girls. Creator I. Marlene King promised us lots of answers this Summer, but now we have more questions than ever. Here's what's got us reeling:

  1. Why is Mona separated from the girls?
  2. Who is "M"?
  3. What's with Aria's drastic hairstyle change?
  4. Why is Allison feeding that mystery prisoner?
  5. Are the girls ever going to get out of Charles's creepy underground lair?

It looks as though we won't be getting any of these answers until the season premiere on June 2, but here's hoping the liars won't be stuck in A's prison all season long.