1 Upcoming Riverdale Moment Had the Cast "Sweating and Hyperventilating"

It's normal to have major reactions to Riverdale, whether it's squealing with delight over your favorite romantic pairing or, let's be honest, swooning over the attractive lead actor. But for the cast of the show, one moment from a future episode had them "sweating and hyperventilating," and it has nothing to do with romance.

POPSUGAR caught up with several cast members in the WonderCon pressroom, and after Cole Sprouse told us that we'll soon learn the identity of Jason Blossom's killer, we were dying (get it?) to know the cast's reaction to the murderer's big reveal.

"There are breadcrumbs that we're all seeing along the way"

Luckily, the actresses behind Riverdale's most dramatic moms — Mädchen Amick (who plays Alice Cooper) and Marisol Nichols (who plays Hermione Lodge) — were willing to spill about their colleagues' collective response to the shocking plot twist. When POPSUGAR asked them what their reactions were to discovering the killer, Amick and Nichols were quick to express their shock about the character's identity.

"I can tell you that when we — all of us — found out who the killer was, we had to go back and reread the script just to follow all the twists and turns," Nichols said about the big moment.

Nodding excitedly, Amick chimed in: "Because there are breadcrumbs that we're all seeing along the way that are very cleverly placed, so when it finally is revealed, you're like, 'OHHH, wow!'"

"It's me, it's me, they're killing me off the show!"

The pair also admits that, until shooting rolled around, the cast had their own theories about who dunnit. "We as the cast, when we would go through the table read, we would leave and immediately go: 'I know who killed Jason!'" shared Amick, adding: "And we would discuss it and say, 'No, there's no way because of this,' so we were just as engaged I think as the audience is as well."

So, what about their reaction to the actual killer? According to Amick, it was a dramatic scene at the cast's table read: "When we read the script that had the killer in it, we weren't given the script before; it was a cold read, so we were all like sweating and hyperventilating!" And that collective reaction wasn't solely sparked by the drama of the reveal, either . . . each actor was worried about their own employment on Riverdale! "We all thought: 'It's me, it's me, they're killing me off the show!'" spilled Nichols, Amick nodding in agreement.

Well, with that sort of visceral reaction from the cast, we can't wait to finally find out who the killer is. It's only a matter of time!

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