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Robert Pattinson on Filming The Lighthouse on Seth Meyers

Robert Pattinson Read Sex Shop Yelp Reviews While Filming The Lighthouse — Yes, Really

What does a Hollywood star do between takes for a highly anticipated movie? FaceTime friends? Hang out at nearby hotspots? For Robert Pattinson, it's something much more, let's say, amorous. On Tuesday's episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, the 33-year-old actor stopped by to chat about his film The Lighthouse. The role required him and costar Willem Dafoe to stay in Cape Forchu, a small fishermen's village in Nova Scotia's Yarmouth County. And, as you can imagine, it wasn't the same experience as filming in a big city.

According to Pattinson, "there wasn't an enormous amount" of things to do in Cape Forchu, but there was one way he passed the time. "I found it kind of unusual, there were two sex shops," he revealed before adding he read Yelp reviews for the adult stores. He then did a bit more research to learn more about the people who visited the shops and see if there were any "funny stories" (as one does). Above, watch Pattinson talk more about his offscreen hobby and some of the most memorable scenes he shot in The Lighthouse.

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